Amazona Zoo and Cromer Beach

Today, we had a lovely trip to Amazona Zoo and Cromer Beach.

In the morning, we had a wonderful time learning about the animals of the American rainforest and then, in the afternoon, we went to Cromer Beach to create our own beach sculptures!

The children’s behaviour was excellent and they were a credit to West Earlham Junior. Well done 4MH and 4SP!



Mexico: Earth’s Festival of Life!

We have LOVED learning about the rainforest and yesterday, we watched some of the new series, ‘Mexico: Earth’s Festival of Life’.

We wrote some excellent notes and created some very interesting questions.

Some of the children wanted to watch the rest so if you’d like to, please follow the link below to Episode 2 which is all about the rainforests of Mexico.

Happy watching!

Maths Calculation Policy

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that we have some new maths videos on our blog!

We wanted to share with you how we learn written methods in maths for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – so that it isn’t so confusing when children bring homework home that uses these methods.

Please check out the ‘Calculations Policy’ page to find the links or click on:

Happy calculating!

Please add a comment below if you find these helpful!